my name is asha swann. i'm a 24-year-old creator. mostly i write about women, sustainability, politics, human rights, books, '90s trends, veganism, and sometimes travel. my writing is generally conversational, and i love some em dashes and oxford commas.

right now i'm pursuing a bachelor of journalism degree at ryerson university in toronto, with a double minor in ethics and english. 

i've been lucky enough to do a few internships here in toronto and internationally. i was also a nonfiction writing counsellor at the young writers initiative during the summer of 2021, and that's probably the project i've been most proud of.

i'm currently writing for brightly about all things sustainable and eco-friendly, but i've also written for her campus, juven press, style canada, nuvo magazine, next big thing, and more.

all i've ever wanted to do is create something authentic.


here i am sitting on a bench at the 2018 vegan bake-off in toronto.

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