my name is asha swann. i'm a 22-year-old who has recently graduated from multimedia journalism studies just outside of toronto, canada at sheridan college.


while i was at college i spent a great deal of time writing for my school newspaper, the sheridan sun.   while i was there i learned the basics of html coding, search engine optimization, adobe indesign and photoshop, canadian press style, grammar, editing, copywriting, and so much more.


throughout the past few years i've been working as a freelance photographer and music writer. i've gone to tons of local shows interviewing bands and talking to the musicians about some of their experiences. i'm always looking to expand my photographic portfolio. right now i use canon and fujifilm cameras, as well as many different lenses.


in the summer of 2018 i completed a digital media internship at an amazing radio station called indie88 in toronto. at the station i wrote constantly – and loved writing each of the 50+ articles i created. topics varied from politics, music, local news, and so much more. 


in september 2018 i was elected as the press director for canimun, a globally-recognized model united nations. the event concluded in march 2019, and i was so amazed at how incredible and important it is that future generations find passion in politics.


since december 2018, i've been a writer for next big thing, an amazing magazine focused on empowering women worldwide. i have my own column called women nxt, where i interview women creating unique and creative positive change.

in late october 2019, i joined a new online resource called the veganary, where i wrote about vegan travel, culture, and cuisine all around the world. 

in 2020, i was the winner of an incredible scholarship for cea study abroad, which allowed me to do a short-term study abroad in paris. while i was there, i contributed to the mobile journalist program writing for school's study abroad blog, where i got to photograph incredible parts of the city. after coming home, I began writing for them again as a content contributor.


recently i was brought onto the journalism intern team at the borgen project, a unique non-profit committed to changing the way people think about poverty.

i've also started writing for style canada, an online resource for all different types of canadian women.

all i've ever wanted to do is create something authentic.


here i am sitting on a bench at the 2018 vegan bake-off, then enjoying vegan crepes in paris

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