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No pollock for this Fisher

An interview with Owen Fisher from Canadian hardcore band, Perfect Limbs.

Despite only being a band for less than two years, Oakville’s Perfect Limbs have accomplished more than you would expect: from a music video, to a five track EP, to even playing on Warped Tour’s stage in New York, Sheridan College’s very own Owen Fisher discussed what it’s like as the frontman of the band.

Perfect Limbs put out their very first EP, Tunnel Vision, on September 30th. The album starts off with Sadist, a song filled with an earnest anger that fans of hardcore music are sure to love. The most popular song off the album is Blind Eye, featuring Matt Tobin, the past vocalist of very popular Canadian hardcore band Dead and Divine.

“I love Dead and Divine,” said Fisher. “They’re the reason I wanted to make this kind of music.” ​

Fisher explained that having one of his major influences want to do vocals on the track, just because he liked it so much, was unbelievable.

“It was ridiculous to actually have this guy come on and like, sing on our track,” he said. “It just blew me away.”

Perfect Limbs have managed to keep themselves very busy between playing shows and recording music. But their most astonishing feat yet was over the summer when they got the chance to travel to New York to play at the internationally recognized Warped Tour. Most famous for broadcasting punk and hardcore bands, Warped Tour spans over July and August each year, travelling to places across America, Europe, and Canada. Hundreds of thousands of people attend each year. Perfect Limbs won a battle of the bands, competing against numerous other groups across Canada.

The prize was playing Warped Tour’s stage in New York.

“Obviously it’s been a dream of mine forever,” Fisher said. He’d been attending Warped Tour annually in Toronto since he was 14.

“The whole adventure were some of my favourite memories, although it was ridiculously crazy,” he said.​

Fisher explained that on the trip, the band experienced their van breaking down, a few of them got heatstroke, they had sound problems, and more, but that only made the trip more memorable.

“It was like, this whole cluster of bad things happening, but it was like the greatest experience I could’ve ever had,” he said.

But despite everything, Fisher would not hesitate to jump at the chance to play Warped Tour again.

“A hundred times, yes,” he said. “I wanna do that whole tour front to back, that whole two and a half, three months.”

When the band first started, all members were residing in the Oakville/Burlington area. But as of lately, various members of the band have moved to attend school. Bassist Adam Pain lives in London, studying at Fanshawe College. One of the guitarists, Andrew Worling, is enrolled at the University of Guelph. In addition to being full time students, all members have part time jobs, meaning that finding time to rehearse has become increasingly challenging.

“It’s really difficult. We’re making it work, but we’re in the beginning stages of going through the road bumps,” said Fisher.

Regardless of what issues may arise, Perfect Limbs will continue to impress viewers with their songs from the Tunnel Vision EP. With lyrics that are equally heart wrenching as they are aggressive, and the incredibly intricate drum beats, any fans of hardcore music are sure to enjoy this band.

The next Perfect Limbs show is at The Sad Taquito in London, Ontario.

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